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About us

We love learning that drives performance. We are passionate about Learning, Training and Talent Development. Just because training is mandatory, doesn’t mean it has to feel like purgatory. We embrace a different approach to company training, with customized learning experiences and performance solutions that are effective, creative, energetic, playful, collaborative, and fun. We’re full of adjectives, and we could go on all day. It’s all about performance and actionable learning. While we don’t take ourselves seriously, we DO take our jobs more seriously than you could ever imagine.

We are not in the training business, we are in the transformation business

Corporate E-learning

We develop custom e-learning for your workforce. Driving performance and changing behaviors is our goal. We apply adult ed-based principles to create engagement, interaction, and change behaviors to create transformation. Our team of instructional designers is ready to bring to reality your training projects.

Done for you Online Academy with Thinkific

Do you want our team to build your online course academy for you with Thinkific? Our team of Learning and Tech experts will take care of your most valuable asset in your business: Your Online Course! We only work with people passionate about sharing their talents with the world and making an impact.

Course Creation Mentoring

Helping people with your talents to Transform themselves is a privilege. I bring to the table all my 17 years of experience as an Adult Educator and Corporate Training to Create not just a course but “The Course”. Even if you don’t have a clue on how to start I can help. Successful online course creators are the ones who provide a real transformation and for that my background in Education and Training can make it happen. From discovering your genius zone to launching I can help to create your dream online business. Bring out the extraordinary in everyone with your online course. Let’s unlock your success together!

HR Courses

The Onboarding Project:

How to attract, motivate and retain new hires

In my signature course, I will teach you my proven method to create a solid, structured, and warming Onboarding Process

Strategic Onboarding: Create a Program for new hires

Virtual Session November 29th and 30th

Did you know there was a secret sauce to Onboarding new hires? Well, there is! And, in this session, you will learn what goes into that secret sauce to ensure your new hires become adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their job. Now don’t get confused between an orientation process and onboarding, as they are two different processes. This program will introduce the four Pillars of Onboarding and provide you with the necessary tools and methodologies to develop a successful onboarding process. The first step is in how to introduce and transition your new employee into your organizational culture and manage the talent development of a new employee.

Leadership Courses

Compassionate Leadership

Virtual session December 8th and 9th

Building a culture of compassion demonstrates that you are a leader that cares about your team. The goal of the program is to provide you with the skills to effectively lead with compassion and gratitude. In this session, we work to explore the psychological safety that can be realized in creating a culture of compassion and empathy. In this session you will learn: • Elements of compassionate leadership • Leading with gratitude • Stretching your empathy muscles • Inspiring greatness in your team through leadership compassion

Course Creation

En Español

Cómo Crear y Lanzar yu Curso Online

Impacta la vida de los demás compartiendo tus conocimientos, historia de vida y tu mensaje

Te ayudo desde la idea hasta lanzar tu curso. El Programa más completo de entrenamiento digital de 12 semanas Coaching grupal que te ayuda a crear, grabar y lanzar tu curso y programa online desde cero De la mano te guío con confianza, Claridad y Estrategia.